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We prepare them for their future roles as godly fathers and mothers in their own families to reach back in love with their biological families.


We believe relational sponsorship is an opportunity for them to build meaningful, long-term, and healthy relationships to foster growth in healing transformation.


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Give anything you can however little you might think it is, it touches one or more souls

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What is this sickness? Simply put, it is a sin-ravaged culture where the Biblical design for family has been essentially destroyed. The Outpour Project Uganda (TOPU) understands that societal transformation through the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only solution to the problem of fatherlessness and being vulnerable to situations in Uganda and around the world.


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We enthusiastically welcome YOU to join us in this great work. Bringing the Fatherhood of God to the Fatherless of Uganda will only be possible if the Body of Christ bands together toward this great goal