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The Outpour Project Uganda (TOPU) is an organization dedicated to bringing the fatherhood of God to the fatherless through holistic Gospel transformation in communities. Our children’s centers provide direct care for orphaned children, and our community initiatives address underlying issues that perpetuate the orphan crisis.

Today, we are a multi-cultural/multi-tribal team focused on bringing the Fatherhood of God and family to the fatherless. We are committed to addressing the root causes of fatherlessness in Uganda: from fallen-cultural worldviews and sinful practices to the breakdown of marriage, family, manhood and womanhood. We are a family that is centered around the true answer to the orphan-crisis of our day: the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As a ministry, we are committed to promoting biblical manhood and womanhood, Christian education, God-centered self-sustainability, and supporting the central role and calling of the local church. By the grace of God, we are raising up a generation of men and women who stand for truth, defend and care for the fatherless and widow, and live out the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Uganda and around the world.

Setyabule Phillemon

Team Leader

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There different ways to support The Out Pour Project Uganda Mission



As a Hope Partner, your financial support reaches far beyond impacting one child’s life. Our united vision is to proactively build courageous children, communities, and culture. The faithfulness of Hope Partners advances our ministry mandate to lay Biblical foundations, build families, extend the Gospel, and transform society. Join the unstoppable, passionate family of monthly donors on a mission to see the Fatherhood of God transform Uganda.



Since our humble beginnings with five Sunday school going orphans in 2014, The Outpour Project Uganda(TOPU) has directly cared for hundreds of orphaned children. Over the years we have introduced the children in our care to their Heavenly Father through the recreation of Biblical family. The orphans-turned-sons-and-daughters at The Outpour Project Uganda(TOPU) are not part of the problem in Uganda – they are part of the Father’s solution



Partner with Hope Family at Olympus children’s foundation to bring love and care to orphaned, abandoned, and at-risk babies. We do not offer individual sponsorship profiles for babies because they are typically with The Outpour Project Uganda (TOPU) for a short time as we seek to find their relatives or an adoptive family to care for them. Instead of an individual child, would you consider supporting the ministry of Hope Family as a whole?



At The Outpour Project Uganda (TOPU) over 100 children are experiencing the love of the Father through Gospel-centered education, discipleship, and vocational training. Fatherless children once with wounded hearts, are being transformed into courageous sons and daughters.

Join the family and become a Hope Partner!