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Charity brings to life again those who are spiritually dead.

Thomas Aquinas

The Outpour Project Uganda (TOPU) believes that true education is not merely passing on knowledge or “know-how,” but imparting true wisdom through drawing individuals into a relationship with Jesus Christ, because all knowledge, understanding, and wisdom are hidden in Him. True education instills in its learners the fear of God (which is the beginning of wisdom) and invites them into a personal knowledge of the Holy One (which is understanding). True education forms values, beliefs, and culture. The world of academia and the truths found in the Bible are not meant to be two separate spheres. Therefore, our classrooms, just like the rest of our programs, provide an opportunity to train and equip our children in Biblical truth and academic excellence. We invest in children throughout their education, whether they live on-site with us or walk to our schools each day. Hundreds of students are enrolled in our primary schools and secondary school.